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Welcome to Nangur Simmentals

Nangur Simmentals is one of Queensland’s oldest Simmental Studs and has been producing the Simmental breed and Simmental Bulls for sale into the Queensland market since the 1980s. The stud principal Don Louis was attracted to Simmentals in 1979 when he commenced trialling the breed in his commercial beef operation. Eight years later impressed by the growth, temperament and adaptability of the breed Don went “all in” and started the Nangur Simmental Stud in 1987.

Coming from a commercial background where the focus is on profitability (and that supplementary feeding takes profit from the bottom line) the breeding herd is run under commercial conditions. The winter feed wedge is overcome for bulls using cropping and the use of grain for bulls is minimised until pre-sale finishing.

This approach to feeding along with the quality, consistently and type of animals bred by has seen Nangur survive the ups and downs of the Simmental Breed, drought, low beef prices, rising input costs and all other challenges facing the long-term beef producer.

Despite selling bulls for years Nangur Simmentals has a low profile outside of their repeat Simmental Bull buyers. The reason for this is simple as the stud is located on the corner of the Burnett and Bunya highways and this and word of mouth has done 99% of the marketing and promotion for Nangur for over 35 years. Nangur is very visible from both highways.

About the Stud Principal

Don Louis has spent most of his life in Goomeri which is situated in the South Burnett region of South East Queensland (also known as Jo’s country for those of us old enough to remember one of our former Qld premiers Sir Jo Bjelke-Petersen).

Don was born and bred a farmer and was always on a tractor working for his dad or neighbours or working in the piggery and dairy. Don always loved cattle and after working hard to raise the necessary funds he purchased his current property where he raised his family and where he still lives today. Don named the property ‘NANGUR’ (as it is located on the Nangur creek).

Aside from having a passion for cattle and the rural industry Don has always had an interest in doing things better, science and supporting the community. This is reflected in Dons many years of effort (and trial and error) in introducing improved pastures and legumes at Nangur and always trialling new and innovative approaches to farming. Don supports and is an active member of local community groups and is currently a committee member of the Queensland Branch of Simmental Australia.

Why the Simmental Breed

After realising the benefits of using a Simmental cross in his commercial operation for a number of years Nangur Simmentals started with the “Traditional Simmental” and this is still Nangurs approach today. Nangur believes that when you are onto a good thing “stick to it” yet at the same time Nangur keeps improving and evolving its breeding herd. Genetic decisions are made based on listening to the cattle producer, keeping abreast of industry changes and maintaining awareness of consumer demand.

In the early years Nangur Simmentals were widely used in both purebred commercial Simmental herds and as a cross over Herefords but this market has shifted to where the majority of Nangur Bulls are now used in High Bos Indicus content herds. This cross delivers more weight on the scales sooner and keeps repeat buyers coming back.

Nangur Simmental Bulls are known for:

About the Simmental Breed

Simmental is a breed of cattle originating from the Simme Valley in Switzerland whose history dates back to the Middle Ages when the first Simmental Cattle were produced. Initial popularity was due to the breeds suitability as a dairy, beef and draught animal and in different continents it is still used for those purposes today. In Germany and Austria the Simmental is known as the Fleckvieh and in France as the Pie Rouge. Today the breed is the second most numerous in the world (following Bos Indicus) with estimates ranging from 40 to 60 million worldwide on all inhabited continents.

In Africa, North and South America, Australia and Australasia the breed is used predominantly for beef production while its popularity in Europe is as a dual-purpose breed.

Simmental Bulls bred and raised in Queensland Conditions

Nangur is located in the South Burnett, South Eastern Queensland. The property is primarily ironbark ridge and blue gum flat country where temperatures often exceed 40 plus degrees in summer with winters frosty and cold where the thermometer often shows less than minus 5 degrees. In a typical year the property receives approximately 650mm or 32 inches annual rainfall.

Grazing country predominantly consists of Rhodes, Blue Grass, native grasses with Wynn Cassia and Siratro gradually introduced to improve Nitrogen content in the soil.

Nangur Traditional Simmentals: The genuine article

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